Cake and Coffee



South City Centre


Roasted Brown

Go for: Great Coffee, hipster vibes and wifi.

Hansel and Gretel

Go for: Danish pastries and take-away coffee.

The Cake Cafe

Go for: Afternoon tea and a peaceful place to chat.

Clement and Pekoe

Go for: Tea (Lemon Caprihina is my fave) and paleo brownies.

Le Petit Parisien

Go for: A café creme and pain au chocolat, naturellement.

The Science Gallery

Go for: Nice coffee and people-watching.



Lolly and Cooks

Go for: Cupcakes, Savage Rolls.

Café Parigi

Go for: French toast and milky coffees.

Il Valentino

Go for: Italian banter and enormous pain au chocolat.

Il Fornaio

Go for: The Kinder Bueno tartlets.


Go for: the espresso tasting plate, or a hot ham sandwich if you are hungry (be warned, the mustard can be really spicy).

 North City Centre

The Woollen Mills

Go for: a plate of small treats, or a freshly baked scone and jam.

Brother Hubbard

Go for: Hot Chocolate. And gigantic cinnamon rolls, if you are brave enough.



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