South City Centre
Go for: The Goat’s cheese salad, or the Irish Stew if you are hungry.
Brunch: Full Irish with quality ingredients
Go for: Falafal, or the Chinese sticky pork salad.
Best pick: The cajun chicken sandwich with homemade guacamole.
Go for: The student special soup with brown bread – best 3.90 lunch in the city.
Go for: Tarts, obvs.
Best pick: The pulled pork sandwich, or falafal wrap.
Best pick: The pear and bacon sandwich, plus a homemade lemonade.
North City Centre
Go for: The best burrito in Dublin.
Best pick: The Middle-Eastern omelette.
Brunch: Semolina Pancakes and coffee
Go for: Soup (great value) or baked ham sandwich.
Further afield
Go for: The hot chicken sandwich, or the burger
Brunch: French Toast (to die for)
Go for: The Farmer Burger, Goat’s cheese salad.
Brunch: Breakfast Salad (for realz)
Brunch: Turkey Burger with sweet potato fries


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