Friday Five Things: Links I love…

This week has been wild – with essay deadlines looming and a host of other commitments taking over, I’ve allowed radio silence to take over on this front 😛 But nonetheless, I am sharing 5 food links that made me smile, snigger or salivate this week. Happy weekend!

1. Sprinkle Bakes is the place to go when you want inspiration for something sweet – you can be content in the knowledge that no human has ever created cakes as beautiful and creative as she has, but reach for the stars, right? I loved the look of this Cranberry and Orange Chiffon cake and to be fair, this one looks more attainable than usual 🙂

2. Another one of my regular reads – Ketty Elisabeth (aka French Foodie in Dublin) lets us in on her favourite places for hot chocolate in Dublin. I pretty much agree with her on all fronts, though I’ve never tried the hot choc in Murphy’s ice-cream parlour. Next week?

3. Christmas on the Square:


4. I came across a picture of these on pinterest, and clicked through to find a mecca of gingerbread/biscuit ideas. I am not sure I’ve the skill or patience to ever make these, but how great do they look?

5. Nothing makes a bad day better like Nutella – I leave you to dream:




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